4th Dimension Woodworks

Beautiful.  Affordable.  Custom Woodworking as gifts and for the home.

4th Dimension Woodworks is a locally owned woodworking business in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to fine yet affordable woodworking.  All of my pieces are handmade, start to finish, in my workshop using a wide variety of hand and machine tools.  I specialize in home and office furnishings, including clocks, boxes, mirrors, furniture and pictures, as well as wooden jewelry and whatever else strikes my and my customers' fancy.  I always have items that I have designed, crafted, and finished in stock and available for purchase.  I also love to work with customers to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that express their own personal tastes and sensibilities.  I enjoy working with a variety of hardwoods,  both domestic and exotics, and find the juxtaposition of different wood types to offer endless design options.  My work generally avoids stains and paints, allowing the natural grain, colors, and textures of the different woods to project their own beauty, using only natural oils and waxes as finishes. 

My name, Sorokin, means "of the magpie family" in Russian, which is why you'll see magpies frequenting the pages of the website.  As a licensed psychologist and hospital administrator, I know the importance of being able to listen to and draw out what people want, and I use those skills to help ensure that custom-made pieces meet and exceed the hopes and expectations of the people with whom I work.  For me, woodworking is a passion, and visualizing, creating, and sharing the best of what wood can offer is a process that provides me with a sense of meaning and purpose.

 Please click on the other pages to access examples of my work, as well as pieces that are currently for sale.  I gladly ship items to any location.  If you see a piece that you like, but would prefer a different type of wood, a different detail, different dimensions, etc., feel free to email or call, and I can customize any for only a nominal extra charge, and a bit of time.